Mike and Me and the DIA

I love this paint by Franz Kline at the Detroit Insitute of Art. Here is Mike and myself being all abstract expressionist.

When I was a kid I would always go to the DIA with my Dad, and I clearly remember the audio clip from the audio tour. "Not only does he paint the blacks he also paints the whites".

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From sweet juniper pathways of desire



Frederick Douglass

"My hopes were never brighter than now."
— Frederick Douglass 


Detroit, I miss you.

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Often times I find myself pacing the streets of Detroit while I wait for my files to save and resize in photoshop. I miss Detroit. Here is my Dad's old restaurant in the Cass Corridor. I have such vivid memories of being here as a kid, and eating the egg rolls right out of the oven. I am so lucky.


video of process

Here is a video I made to illustrate how I combine and construct my images. It is for a presentation I am working on. Bellow is the finished image, the print is about 3x5ft.


great lakes great times

google earth is great.

working on some research/getting ready for a presentation.

I also miss the mitten.


blast protection

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Scenes from the recession

As new home sales and housing starts hit record lows, empty lots, partially constructed homes and abandoned ones are seen in a subdivision on January 30, 2009 near Homestead, Florida. Prices in November of 2008 declined 8.7 percent from a year earlier, the biggest drop in records going back to 1991, the Federal Housing Finance Agency reported. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)