Time for break

Heading back to Michigan for the Holidays. Lots of homework to catch up on.


Bee Cave Texas

I shot some film when I visited my brother in Texas.
I just need to scan it.

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Mike and Me and the DIA

I love this paint by Franz Kline at the Detroit Insitute of Art. Here is Mike and myself being all abstract expressionist.

When I was a kid I would always go to the DIA with my Dad, and I clearly remember the audio clip from the audio tour. "Not only does he paint the blacks he also paints the whites".

Links for CORE

 I may have posted these before.

From sweet juniper pathways of desire



Frederick Douglass

"My hopes were never brighter than now."
— Frederick Douglass 


Detroit, I miss you.

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Often times I find myself pacing the streets of Detroit while I wait for my files to save and resize in photoshop. I miss Detroit. Here is my Dad's old restaurant in the Cass Corridor. I have such vivid memories of being here as a kid, and eating the egg rolls right out of the oven. I am so lucky.


video of process

Here is a video I made to illustrate how I combine and construct my images. It is for a presentation I am working on. Bellow is the finished image, the print is about 3x5ft.


great lakes great times

google earth is great.

working on some research/getting ready for a presentation.

I also miss the mitten.


blast protection

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Found this on Boingboing.


Scenes from the recession

As new home sales and housing starts hit record lows, empty lots, partially constructed homes and abandoned ones are seen in a subdivision on January 30, 2009 near Homestead, Florida. Prices in November of 2008 declined 8.7 percent from a year earlier, the biggest drop in records going back to 1991, the Federal Housing Finance Agency reported. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) 



I am planning on creating a piece using images of surface patches. This one is great because usually they patch concrete with asphalt. But here is a reverse. 



rain day

I remember I used to pray for rainy days when I had a baseball game. You can probably guess how much I liked to play baseball... But today I was really excited to go out and shoot. When I got up I checked the weather and sure enough it is a rainy day. I just shot this to kill time and play with the camera I have checked out. Hopefully tomorrow will work out to be a good shooting day


What's your type?

At the George Eastman House with my history & aesthetics of photography class looking at daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes!


great links

What are your favorite websites for inspiration?

here are some of my favorites, but I have so many more...
if you have ever seen my google reader you know.




So I have the best brother and sister-in-law... EVER. Yesterday I was at school working on some homework when my brother IMed me asked if I was at home, and then when I was going home. I was suspicious so I asked why, and he said their was a package waiting for me at my door.  When I got home I found this huge white styrofoam container (yay now I have a cooler). I immediately smiled because I love getting packages and this one was filled with frozen foods. With a loving note,
Hi Matt,
Don't starve at school Hope all is well.
Love Justin and Carrie
Moving to a new town has been great, and I have really enjoyed it so far but I definitely miss my family.  It was such a comforting feeling to receive such a fun gift from my brother and Carrie. :) Thanks again!

Oh yeah it was packed with dry ice (awesome bonus!) so I pretended to be  Mr. Wizard and made fun experiments and impressive Lizzie with my knowledge and trickery of dry ice. hahaha


My Classmates

Today in my grad seminar class we finally shared our work with each other. It was exciting to finally see and hear about everyone's work. Below is one photo I grabbed from each persons website. Some of the websites seem out dated but this should give you an idea. Everyone had impressive work and unique styles and ideas. There are seven first year students including myself, check them out.

Rodrigo Gonzalo


Hello from Rochester

Hello friends & family!
I have made it Rochester, NY. It really is a wonderful city and I have been getting settled in my new apartment. It is between downtown and RIT's campus and is very peaceful and quite and everything is nearby.
Above I posted a photo I shot in Letchworth State Park which is about an hour south of me. Below is the view along Erie Canal from when I was biking the other night. 
I wanted to thank all of you for all the support, and for helping me reach the point I am at today. I hope that we stay in contact, and please follow my blog as I will continue to update it with new work, and adventures around Rochester!